Saturday, February 02, 2008

I have done it

Today I have reached a new level of star-fuckedness.
This hand.  This hand here.  The one typing?  Just.touched.Bono.
NO, NOT THAT WAY!  Shook hands.
Got to ask him all the questions that I've been saving up since the beginning of school...well, one question, one person-in-common.  (Damn, I hope he doesn't read this blog.  If he does, Hi!  I'll find out what the name of the house is!)
I'm just saying.  They flock to me.  They do.  Maybe it's better that I don't show up at the awards.  I'll be having a competition with Milan for flirting.  Or starfucking.  But there won't be any stars there, other than Twenty, right?


  1. Everyone in this country's met Bono, polka. Now I'd be impressed if you'd actually fucked him...

    No, seriously, kudos. I'd love to meet the fabulous little guy!

  2. /snort

    Too much respect for his wife, who is stunning and a genuinely nice person. But I realized that while everyone has met him, I got to walk down a nice loooong driveway with him in a chat, no one else around. That was a bit of a treat.

    He's not as scary as I thought he was, which is good. Course, I know another person who you'd like to meet, and I know where he is on Sunday afternoons... :-)

  3. Oo, mail me! The stalking starts here!

    Actually, it occurs to me that we need to court him, not piss him of by invading his privacy...

    Unless you're actually talking about Johnny Depp, and you can get me in there? ;)

  4. I passed by him on Baggot St at Christmas but was too off my head to notice, but I would be too embarrassed to go near him. It's true, everyone of my acquitance has a Bono story if not several. My sister met him last year in Corker, my friend's mother slow danced with him in the 80s, a friend's friend is his cousin, my fiat banger circa 95 randomly broke down outside his gaff, to the disturbance of his security.

  5. Did he not buy you a new one? Tight bastard... :)

  6. I don't...AW.

    I only have a Jamie Leigh Curtis story and I'm sure I've told that here before in one of our earlier posts...