Monday, February 18, 2008

I have sucked up a hamster like a hoover.

I had one of my flashbacks on the Luas this morning. Of course I ended up squashed between twelve people giggling to myself.

I once had a hamster called Hambo. He was very cool. He used to hang from the top of his cage like a bat and once did a little poo on a friends arm, which kept me laughing for weeks.

Anyway there was one occassion where I had him out of his cage and he was running riot. Now in fairness I was a lot younger and in my wisdom decided to apply some physics to the act of picking up a hyper hamster.

So I bent down and sucked him into my mouth. His little legs kept moving, god bless him, as I deposited him back in his cage. He was an excellent little pet.

The RSPCA does not allow me to have pets anymore...



  1. I thought this might be a little Richard Gere story! I don't know what to make of it :)

    When you say into you mouth, what do you mean - like the whole hamster? Or just his back?

    And why?? Just an impulse?

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  3. That sounds like something they wouldn't even be allowed to do on brainiac ( I have a nearly ten year old son...he loves it) Why did it occur to you right then? Surrounded by people? was there a sexual aspect to the hamster in mouth thing...if so I am horrified that you would try to pass off sexual exprimentation as scientific ressearch....Shame on You!

    You know there are support groups for people like you...well ok, actually they are pervy porn websites for weirdos like you!

    You are making baby jesus cry!

  4. idiot
    please please keep your youthful pranks to yourself.what about blowing into poor rags mouth to make her cheeks look bigger .u really were a little horror. i dont know how ive made it this far without having a breakdown

  5. Or a hamster for a daughter in law, clearly!

  6. I'd say Idiot was sitting there and his eyes glanced upon his pretty man bag, then he recollected the man hams, which led him back to the days of Hambo. Hambo sounds like a late 80s street name for a cool master. I'm sure he wore a leather jacket like the Fonz.

  7. I have a terrible image of Gere hoovering a hamster...........

  8. I like the title, like a tabloid headline - remember 'Freddy Starr at e my hamster'?

  9. are such a romantic...oral sex with a hamster is not man bag or word association will make it so!!!