Monday, February 18, 2008


Isn't this great! I wish the internet had existed when I was a confused and annoying teenager! As a psuedo cure head I would have loved this! I had some black see through tops, they were my mums from the seventies! Seriously! But I wasn't allowed to buy a black bra (only whores wore those) so I had a secret black bra, I'd stick my white bra on, waistcoat on top again, and then when I'd get to my mates house I'd change into the whores undergarment! I am reminded of my lovely dark past by the face that I see in the mirror now, I've gone back to nature! Actually a shade darker than nature! So I'm now a brunette again, I love it, I feel much more like myself. As a blondish woman I never felt like me, it always seemed a bit too cheery, a bit too friendly, a bit too approachable!

Now I am wearing more black now too, another side effect of darker hair is I can wear more makeup, lots of red lipstick, as a teenager filled with angst it was Mary Quant, same on Robert Smith wore, now it's a nice burgandy from Revlon!(Maybe Robert has toned it down too?)

So I am happy to be a gothic those kids in the Fanta ad kind of way, I'm off to a playdate with the wee ones now, my nails are a lovely metallic navy and my make up is a bit Sweeny Todd, but feck it! Some women separate feom their husbands and dress like hookers, I'm just taking it in a different direction!

Btw, I don't wear white bras anymore, in fact I don't really wear black bras anymore, purple and red are my favorite, so if whores wear black and good girls wear white what does that make me....?


  1. I like the bit in 'The Country Girls' by Edna O Brien where the girls die their bras purple, and some young lad after a dance asks one of them if she's the niece of a Bishop, as if there's a special dispensation of purple underwear to their relatives. So perhaps it makes you a bishop's neice?

    This is a cute post - love the card and your covert bra wearing. My mother was so supportive, she bought me a black facecloth one Christmas! I would love to see Robert now too - I wonder if he's on Facebook?

  2. swapped your white bra for a black one? I actually thought that type of thing only happened in movies!

  3. Well red is the colour of sexuality and advertising. Purple is the colour of the person who in someway wants to be different.

  4. *hehehe* Seriously guys, you might need to develop some timer kicking in around 10.00 CET as I feel that after that hour, anything that I might type, I should not...

    But here goes:
    First words that came to mind when thinking about what red and purple bras makes you was "Ha, that makes her a Pro"!

    Love the goth card. Can I have one too?

  5. Jo you were sooo lucky!

    Polka it does sound a bit like a Meave Binchy story! But true

    so according to Milan and Dolly I am a different Pro.....hee hee, well a girl has to make a living!