Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Mmmm Soulcake Tuesday

My daughter had pancakes in Montessori (and her teacher didn't sest off the fire alarm this year). And then we went to her Granny's for some( though not up to usual standard - since getting her granchildren and no longer needing anything from us, my MIL couldn't be arsed cooking any more!

So I followed my culinary mother's practice of making crepes. God, it's worth it!

They're easy to make in a blender, and they taste so good. I have to admit, I have a crepe pan - I bought it for my husband one year, out of Habitat, a cheapy kit, though the pan's a good, heavy iron one. It's like a skillet, with a flat edge. And the crepes work just like they're meant to. I bought some comte cheese and made a cheese, wine and mushroom sauce, and we had vanilla icecream with sauce from those deadly squeezy packets - life's too short to seive a raspberry at this time of year!Gorgeous.

And the bit that had me thinking this was blogworthy - there's certain things that are very delicious that I only make once a year - scalloped potatoes and roast potatoes are just for Christmas time (though in fairness we have roasties about five times. Crepes on pancake day. Other things I can't think of right now. Lasagna maybe, as it's time consuming. I suppose all this stuff is fattening, so it makes sense to keep it for treats only. Would life be better if we made them more often, brought a little more celebration into our lives every couple months? Or would it make it less special when we do have them?

I'm just conscious of every now and then thinking 'I should do this more often', not just because of how nice something is but because the cooking of and eating of it makes us happy.


  1. It's true. More treats would be nicer but too often would spoil the treat.
    We have macaroni cheese on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday.

  2. God, I lived on macaroni and cheese growing up. We would have had it every couple weeks.

  3. I was forced to make mac and cheese for my junior cert home ec practical, can't even look at the stuff now!