Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Super Tuesday Decision time...

So who's it gonna be, Milary Clinton or Barack Overlord. Yes he promises change and tries to encourage you all to blog, but I can give you dictatorial security with experience, aided by my sidekick Billerius.

We've both been campaigning among different primaries over the last week but I think I've done a better job than Barack. I've won the crowds and lay claim to Idiot and Shan. And Midge, proving that I am a benefactress of the people, there's a present on its way in the post to you, and with this a claim your vote too.

Barack may look like a novel choice, and I'd be happy to have him as number 2 on my ticket, but at the end of the day you know that you can only have confidence in Milary.

Make the right decision.


  1. Damn, I am Milans bitch....I don't even get to choose anymore....I must say though that it is way too sudden that your main runners are a black man and a woman. It is a bit like a gameshow. Or a retail strategy..... I am not racist or sexist in any way shape or form but this whacks of bullshit to me. It is like a "give the people what they think they want" scenario. I am coming across bad here but truly don't mean too.

  2. I'm all about hilary, did you see her on letterman? talk about pimping yourself out to the big boys although I suppose Barack went to Oprah for his media love.

  3. WEll, what better place to go, infairness! I wish Oprah would run fo president. She'd win, too...

    I finally got some advice that made sense to me: If we go for Obama now, where after?

    Hillary knows her stuff, she'll target the health service, she's intelligent enough to recognise the need for Green reform, she's not pro-war. Anymore...

    Let her use the experience she has, do two terms, and then Barack will be nicely ready to take over from her, with more weight of experience under his belt. That sounds rational to me, and I've voted accordignly!

    Idiot, what would your alternatives be, if this smacks of a set up?? Could it be worse than having Bush foisted upon the world??

  4. Jeez, jsut saw the photo - doesn't it look like Hillary is thinking 'Die Die Die!!' and trying to Zap Obama with her eye-beams?

  5. They're all politicians and thus worth of our contempt. Benevolent dictatorship? The only way to go.

    Figured out you might be Milan's bitch alright Id when you walked up to her for the first time and Nazi saluted her! Well, he does have those blonde, chiselled aryan good looks...

  6. That Terry Prone bint was on with Mary Wilson the other day and made the point that HC will go as VP to BO if she was to miss out on the nomination herself. The whole argument was based upon her belief (TP's that is) that BO is a prime target for a bullet if he makes it.

    Was somewhat disturbing to listen to.

  7. has everyone misread this post, i thought this was all about the campaign that SL and Milan did the other night, I think Milan won Super Tuesday, SSL got bored and went home in a huff after losing whereas Milan kept drinking with myself and Idiot for many many hours, well possibly a good bit longer.

    She fought a good fair fight, and I salute you.

  8. We're just Current, Shan. Interested in the Wider World.

    I see drinking alliances are forming.