Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Mum, Someone just threw a Groundhog at me...


It's true, it just happened on Facebook.... Someone, who should know better, apparently threw a Groundhog at me...

We need to talk about Facebook, I think...

Some bits of it I like... the community thing, being able to keep track of your friends, seeing people's photos... All good

The stupid stuff? The Zombie fights? The Werewolves? The throwing of Groundhogs? Not so sure...

I do spend quite a bit of time playing Blackjack - and I havea friend who is suspiciously good at Srabulous...

But overall, I'm just not sure... Thoughts?


  1. Haven't a clue what a Groundhog is. Did it hurt?

  2. I was thinking about this today. I feel guilty when: I don't respond to people's kind offers of drinks and sunshine and hugs. Which are nice in principle, but I'm sorry, there are so many things I should be doing for my home, self and family...

    And I'm occasionally sucked in by the offer of a quiz or test, and I send it to everyone, even people I'm not really in touch with, before realising what I've done - *blush!*

    Facebook is great for the contact, I live for the Scrabble, and if I was a teenager, or had a boring office job, I'd be so into all the kiddy crap, like little pets etc.

    But I could do without it all, I must admit. The advertising sucks too - did you read hte story about the man who bought his wife a diamond ring for a birthday present,. online, and his facebook advertised his purchase? SHE was like 'Who's the ring for!?' and he said 'What ring' - arg!

  3. I think it's good cos it keeps people in your thoughts, but I know it can be annoying...at the moment a virtual kiss or a virtual beer is about all I can manage!

  4. It's not annoying, it's cute - I just don't have the energy to join in and then I feel bad!

  5. The best thing about FB by far is the status updates. It's a mini diary, a great way to keep up with what people are doing that you mightn't contact regularly. FB is also suprizingly good for photographs. It's much more user friendly than flickr or kodakgallery.

  6. I also had a groundhog thrown at me, I am sure by the same person. It hurt and is now dead.

  7. It was me. You all knew it was me. I threw it at you Conformist because I knew you were down and I thought being hit on the side of the head with a small, weather predicting rodent might help in some way :(