Monday, February 04, 2008


So I read that seasoned bloggers frown on blogging-about-blogging. But I don't care! I've been pondering this a while - I've noticed the different shapes posts come in - confessional ones, philosophical ones, rants and moans, funny stories (skirt stuck in knickers/women invading changing rooms!), look at the cool stuff I've just discovered ones. And the list goes on. I wonder if we tend to one type more than another? Does our blog have a specific style, do we unconscioulsy get influenced by one another?

I have to admit, I love my own blog. I really love it. I love getting to say what I'm feeling and thinking. I love its pinkness, and the pictures I've found (legally or not? Still don't know what to do about that one). I love the support people have given me, the kindness. It feels like my own little room, with pictures on the wall, and a stereo. It's my teen-dream-space!

But it's lonely there. Nobody visits :( I'm all alone - it's too like my teen years at the moment! So it's great to come here and get the interaction. I love the commenting, I live for it! It doesn't rankle that I didn't get longlisted for the blog awards, no no, really, I'm not bitter :) but I do miss the company. Which is odd - my cousin first suggested blogger to me a few years ago, and I dismissed it as being too narcissistic. Why would anyone want to read my inconsequential bullshit, or me anyone else's... Now I'm all about the narcissism! It just feels good, and right to blog. I think we blow it up into more than it is - it seems ridiculous to have a 'blogging community' - yet is seems like such a good thing. An embracing of honesty, maybe, of self expression. And the communication that goes with it (if you're lucky). I think that's what makes 49£s so good, and why I'm looking forward to the awards and the ladies' tea party so much. I like that little Stonecutters' moment of 'Do you Blog?' and you establish a connection somehow.

I did set up a blog account a few years ago, but I think I didn't follow through with it because I didn't know anyone else's. I found MW through her blog (which she sensibly advertised on Rollercoaster, the parent's site!), and another friend I met on Rollercoaster has started her own. Long live the internet.

Oo, I could go on to a whole new point about how good blogging is for housebound, hormonal mothers, what a great forum and place for retaining your sense of self, but I sense you're getting bored.

Blog on everyone :)


  1. I think this is a great place to talk about all of the crappy things we want to talk about...and it's a record, a record of the fact that we are a little bit more than just our jobs and families...we are more than just our roles in society...we use our little brains every now and again!

  2. Jo I often think about much the same thing. I have so little interest in my own blog but I love it here and my other group blog (the sporty one). I think I found MW just through (I used to read Irish blogs just like a feed but since they changed it's format I never look at it). And I found you through MW. I read all your posts but because I haven't a baby or young child I find I haven't always got an opinion (just sympathy usually). I loved an earlier post about your mother.

  3. Not technically blogging about blogging Jo, blogging about yourself, surely :)

    I had this discussion with Milan over a pint the other day (we're best friends really). This isn't really a blog. This is a community, pretty much closed, like a religious order, a commune, a frat/sorority house, whatever. We come here not for the blogging, but for the randomness of what goes on in each other's heads and the community of the comment. Least I do.

    Many of us have our own blogs outside of here (admitted or not), I would say few of us love them more than this one. I certainly don't.

  4. Cheers, Ash :)

    Someone, do you really think it's like a religious order? In what way?? I could stretch to Book Group...

    I do love my blog more than this one but in the way I love myself more than all of you, if you know what I mean. There are plenty of bad hair days when I'd rather be here talking to you-all.

  5. Is that all we are Jo? A bad hair day support group?

    *weeps silently in the virtual corner*

    As for us being a religious order we're hard working, enclosed, fearful of outsiders, industrious, incestuous and ruled by an immortal deity.

  6. No,no. Not a support group. Jsut that I often prefer your company to my own, if you can follow my convoluted analogy.

    Hmm. Immortal deity that rules us - is that Google?

  7. Talking about blogging has become another big topic for us and I think we should cut down on it cause it's not good.

  8. It's just a "post getting longlisted euphoria" thing Milan. It'll soon pass when we don't get shortlisted.