Monday, February 04, 2008

Stupid f*ckin' eejits....

1. Why?
2. Why would anyone go on this show?
3. Why would anyone who's ever had an affair go on this show?
4. Why would someone who's currently two-timing their current partner go on this show?
5. Why would someone, in front of their mother, be prepared to go on a show and answer questions about threesomes and sex tapes on the internet?
6. Did they honestly think they were gonna be asked about their favourite colour/ ice cream flavour/ variety of biscuit?

It can't be about money. I've watched it a few times (in the interests of something to blog about of course) and most of them seem to win feck all. Stupid lying eejits.


  1. Maybe the just don't care...they want people even thir mothers to know their dirty secrets!

  2. Do you think that's it MW? That's a teensy bit weird.

    Tell us JO!

  3. Sure look at me and idiot we bear all for our mother at least on this show you could win money. HEHE give me a number to enter myself.

  4. We could always set up out own version here. The prizes being drinks on the night of the bloggies. I have many secrets about most of you... :)

    Back in reality surely some people are just exhibitionists about their tendencies and this is a quick way to earn easy cash.

  5. No, no, I meant it in agreement - like the way Monica says it in Friends - I KNOW?! I don't understand it for a minute, the freaks. Is it just about getting on television? What do they think is going to happen? As my husband said, if you wer having numerous affairs with different women, why would you go on a truth or dareteype quiz show with your wife and family??