Thursday, February 14, 2008

Picking your brains...

Morning All

I'm looking for help and ideas. I'm looking for something to do today with the 3 kids. I had thought of the Guinness Store House but it's maybe a little grown up. D'ya think? Have you brought kids there and they enjoyed it. I also thought maybe the Viking Splash Tour but for what it is it seems a little expensive (€50 for me and the kids). Or is it that good?
Other than that I'm stumped. Hope you don't mind me using the blog in this way....I thought the cute puppy would make up for it.

Thanks y'all in advance of your wonderful ideas!


  1. I'd agree with you about Guinness, as they won't let minors have the free taste at the end! The tower's good though.

    I would have said the zoo, but it's a miserable day.

    My then three year old loved the National history museum, though the bog bodies did start a bit of a death obsession :) She loved them but they made her sad!

    Imaginosity in the Beacon Centre is great for smaller kids, but not for teenagers...

    Cinema? Swimming? What happened to the National Aquatic Centre, is it still closed?

    Powerscourt in Enniskerry is beautiful, and the shopping and lunch are good. If the day lift's it'd be worth it.

    I'll come back to you if I think of anything good :)

  2. Cheers Jo, thanks for those, lots of good ideas there.
    Pity that the 12 year old has woken up with a bad cold, don't think we'll be going anywhere today.

  3. We're none of us quite right either. Such a sick year!

  4. I had a horrible flu earlier this week but I've finally kicked it. Lots of bed rest and echinacea/zinc tabs.

    Re: Guinness Storehouse, I worked there a few years ago as a summer job, it was such a great experience. I was a tour guide, bar worker and 'tastings' session co-ordinater to name a few roles- never a dull moment!