Sunday, February 10, 2008

Pondering Life's Perplexities...

You know how the top of the ketchup bottle gets all skanky and horrible; the way every time you use it a few drops are left behind and if you don't wipe 'em off straight away they go brown and disgusting and ....anyway you get the idea. Well why can't they just copy the Hellman's Squeezy Mayonnaise bottle which, myself and the 16 year old were just marvelling at how perfectly clean it always is and how easily it squeezes out of the tub. No residue whatsoever.

Just saying like...


  1. They have, but it's crap. They've watered it down, and when you squeeze it first, a squirt of reddish water falls out onto your plate/food.

    And there's no control as it's so wet, and the squeeze is so stronng - the mayonaisse it thick enough to take it, but the ketchup just blurts out.

    My husband insistes on buying them, but they're no good!

  2. I think you need to stick to the glass bottles!

  3. Yeah Jo, it didn't occur to me that there would be a viscosity issue. Mayo is thicker alright.

    Tib the glass bottles were even skankier!! Yeuch. The gloop would get stuck on the threaded section of the glass and then the lid is replaced and it swirls the gloop around. Eugh...

  4. Remind me to tell a funny story about this on Saturday.