Sunday, February 17, 2008

Short Post 2: PDA alert

I like to link - in public. With some people I'm the linker, others the linkee. It's better to be the linker cause then you can put your weight onto the linkee and they end up dragging you along.. I know, laziness disguised as affectionate intimacy..the best kind.


  1. Good to see you got home Ok, Milan thanks again for that lift.

  2. I'm always afraid to link as I think people will take it the wrong way and think I'm being weird. Sad, I think.

  3. Classic moment on the DART last night, got on at Sydney Parade on my way home from work.

    Two complete skangers got on at Grand Canal Dock, the type who think putting on their brightest white tracksuit with the newest runners.

    Anyway, they proceeded to get well and truly stuck into each other, as they were distacted their young child in his (brakeless buggy) rolled down the train to the horror of some old dears heading into town.

  4. Ah Dublin public transport, you gotta love it. Red line luas especially.

  5. Someone told me a horrific Dart story about a woman off her face on smack, talking to her husband in JAIL about how lovely she was looking, while her two year old wandered around, getting on and off the train at each stop. Christ.