Sunday, February 17, 2008

Ooooohhhh my poor head........

Idiot + Strawberry Daiquiri = hanging to death

What an interesting Saturday night we had. Lots of exotic foods (stuff with more than one ingredient) and a jug of Daiquiri. My god that stuffs lethal. There are also a couple of ways to spell them. The one here is correct. Why am I up so early. Well I had to drive the missus to work, poor thing is working all day.

So anyway a quick thank you to Jo for being such an excellent hostess.

Milan did not try to take over the world which was a welcome change, Aquaasho is the crumble queen, Midget inspired us to write a new song, Shan also now has a penchant towards Strawberry Daiquiri's and as for me.......


I know where you live.

Idiot xx


  1. Big HUGE thanks to Jo! I had a brilliant night!

  2. Thanks guys :)

    I too do not fee lso well. Imight b moved to write about it when my fingers and brain s tart working.

    I hope the fact htat you know where I live means you'll come visit again?

    fun fun.

    Am leaving this comment uncorrected for hungover authenticity.

  3. Well I was first one up this morning 7.10 to be precise with all good intentions of making a fry before Aoife had to be brought to work, but no one else was awake.

    But I feel great, no hangover just really really tired, at 35 you just cant be doing 2.40am sorts of parties anymore.

    I really enjoyed the night and while I type this Idiot is programming up a keyboard to this rave techno beat and I have written one verse to go along with his chorus.

    Many many thanks JO for an excellent night.

  4. Any scandal? Anyone do anything they shouldn't have?

    Anyone say anything about me? I'm in secure really...


  5. Anyone do anything they shouldn't have? Among our group?

    No, seriously, that's a question. I'm insecure too.

  6. Did MW show off those pics of me she has?

    It was very cold when they're were taken (not that I'm that insecure*)

    *ok maybe I am

  7. Your pictures are safe for now Tib.....actually they are in Snap printers, getting six by eight prints done.....that's six by eight foot! They will make great decor the night of the blog awards!

    As for the music, guys, stick to what you are good at.......(thinks).......hmmmm? I'd love to be flattered that I inspired musical genius....I am a muse! Yeah Right! I'm just amusing! Well actually my life is amusing!

    There was no scandal....nothing happened! Well I killed so many brain cells I can't remember anyway!

  8. Six by Eight?

    It'll still look like a starved worm looking out through a hedge

  9. Jo - thanks from me too. Love that hungover authenticity.

    Tib/HO - we had soooo much fun without you.

    Shan/Id - can't wait to hear that song. I've already been humming it since last night. I googled it last night and there's a lot on it. And we have the dance moves too.

  10. Tib/HO - I've sent you a facebook email on this.

  11. Sorry I couldn't make it. One of the joys of working in retail, the dreaded stock take! Interest fact, after a heavy night drinking, finish with a strawberry daiquiri. Prevents you from getting a hang over without spoiling the drinking "buzz". Really. I've tested it!