Sunday, February 03, 2008

So Blog Award Judges

What do you make of this blog thus far, we know you have been here but we aint seen you comment yet, why oh why.

Its funny just after I wrote my pub table quiz post, I started thinking about the folk who will come by here to judge what we write about, and over the past week we have all been fairly open about our writings. Do you think a judge will follow our rants, will they laugh, cry or move on very confused at the range of eclectic folk writing here.

Its funny blogs normally have a genre they will write about and this also applies to group blogs but when I asked SL what will we be writing about, he told me "anything that enters your head" this has worked a treat for us even my mother now has worked out our individual personalities, but for a judge who may not have come across us before may I recommend going back quite a bit to review us, we, I have just figured out, are like a soap opera you need a bit of history to figure out whats going on in the present (if thats makes any sense).


  1. I think the blog is best compared to Hollyoaks.

    You never know what's going to happen, very little of it makes sense or is believable but is remarkably enterataining when observed from a distance.

    The only difference is at Hollyoaks doesn't have ugly people, we have SL...........

    and maybe me too

  2. Oo! A blog-mother personality test! What does your mother thinkj about me, Shan? Mrs Shan?

    To make Hollyoaks like our blog, they'd all have to be standing behind screens. And they go on holiday sometimes, don't they?

    How strange to think of it like a soap opera. I suppose it could seem like that, except some people would need to get sleeping with eachother.

    Would someone like to have an affair with me and then reject me so I can stalk them? No? Fair enough then :)

  3. Scary talk Shan, I don't want people looking at me. Can I be the evil vixen lady. Like Joan Collins, or I can't think who else.

    Yea I want to know what Aileen thinks of me, and when is she gonna join, and Aoife and Voodoolady.

  4. Was speaking to the mother there over the weekend, tring to further push the need for her to start blogging, even the attraction of a night on the piss at a blog awards do could not make a decision more definite, dont worry myself and Idiot are working hard to get her involved.

  5. I'm fascinated by the amount of navel gazing this longlisting has induced among us. It used to be about the commune, man.

    Tib - maybe?

    Jo - I would but you're way out of my league.

    And I think we all want to se Aileen in the fold.

  6. my sons are far more eloquent than i am.also u lot seem very intellectual (on occasion)i read your blogs most evenings and really enjoy them keep at it. now i have my laptop i can look it up at anytime