Sunday, February 17, 2008

We have an admirer!

Someone wants to meet us the night of the Blog Awards.

How strange is that?


  1. Aw, he just wants to be in on the jolly banter in person. From your post, I was hoping he'd be more of a millionaire eccentric benefator, who wanted to reward us for the joy we'd brought to his life with large cheques...

  2. oh gosh yes....or maybe he's intrested in paying one of us $1,000,0000 to spnd the night with him??? JO?

  3. Here, hang on a second, why did I only get offered £9 to sleep with an asexual freak??

  4. Because you're not a yummy mummy dude. They're such a hot subgenre of social classification right now.

    I knoww you've touched on it here and it was briefly mantioned in the Obligatory Origin Story but I think, Tib the time has come for you to tell that story of restless youth, attempted prostitution and way too much booze.

  5. I'd like to point out that I was not prostituting myself, you were trying to traffic me ya minge teasing bastid.

  6. LOL! Neal (the usual suspect) is a lovely friend of mine!
    Most of us would spend the night with him for nothing!! I hope my husband or Neal don't read this!

  7. They probably will Ash. Told you you should have gone super action hero undercover like me and Tib.

    Tib - can we forever more add your quote to our blog name "49£" (you too can sleep with an asexual freak)

  8. Jeez, look what I started.

    LOL - too late, Aisling :)

    Just checked and my bank balance won't cover €1,000,000....sorry all. I can work on being eccentric however. Have to start somewhere.

  9. Neal you don't need a million. As the blog name suggests this lot will do anything 4nine pounds....

    I won't be able to look you in the eye at the blog awards now.

  10. So that's where the name came from..... :)

    Will just have to chat about sport to distract from the M.O.R.T.I.F.I.C.A.T.I.O.N. we'll both be experiencing!