Sunday, February 17, 2008


I have just lured my daughter away from her Sesame Street website with selection of cartoon treats on the satellite - Scooby Doo was the clincher. So I can write about my hangover. What a good mother am I!

Oh God. I only had a mini hangover - one glass of wine and maybe three cocktails? But that's more than I've drunk in a long time. And it's not worth it! Especially not when I'm killing off my baby's brain cells to do it, oh awful, bad woman! Sobreity may not seem like a good option when every one else is drinking, but it's better the next morning. I bet Aisling's been out for a run already.

Being hungover while having to look after your children is just not good. I seriously can't think or speak or use my hands properly this morning!

Ok, enough moaning.

Here's how to make daquiris - blend ice in a blender, add strawberries, icing sugar and lime juice, bacardi to taste - I think they were too strong last night (thank you MW who wasn't actually plannig on drinking them!), the whole point of cocktails is that the alcohol doesn't taste like alcohol, just tasty drink.

I enjoyed muchly listening to Idiot ranting about gay men and their fashion accessory small dogs, while holding a drink that looked just like the one in his picture below :)

I think my favourite entertainment is a night in, food and conversation. I like going out, but I think staying in is better. It's cheaper, and more comfortable - my only complaint was that I find it hard to wear day clothes at home at night - oo, I was very very tempted to go put on my comfies, my body was screaming out for them!

The food was gorgeous, though I do say so myself, though MW made most of it - cheesy pesto bread, fantastic. Giant selection of desserts, three by Midge (on a baking bender!), one by Ais, and profiteroles in the fridge for me today - it just wasn't humanly possible. I'm hoping Aisling will post the picture of Idiot's offerings, an eclectic and eccentric mix they were. A Pot Noodle prize to the most humorous comment today...

A small moan - my husband came over all shy and fecked off out with his mates. Texted me at about 2.20 to say 'In a taxi, on the way home'. But he wasn't actually on the way home, he was in his friend's home, where he stayed for several more hours. So though this is perhaps the second late night I've had in - well, seven months, anyway, I got up at 8 this morning, got the kids breakfast etc. Arse.

The sad thing is, my husband's very nice. He's sweet, he's very funny, he's good company, I would have been happy to have him meet the people who, as Shan says, we spend a lot of time with. But instead I end up complaining about him publicly again, which isn't really good. Sigh.


  1. I'm not jealous. Not one little bit. I had white toast. And tea. And the telly.

    Do I get the pot noodle?

  2. Yes, I think you deserve the pot noodle, alright.

  3. You might even qualify for one of the Jaffa cakes too.

  4. I'm in work, just went to the canner for food, all I could get were those Grab & Go Jaffa Cakes. Fuckers are half the size of the real ones.

    I feel raped

  5. LOL Tib, You'll have to get yourself one of those year of Jaffa cake boxes to make up for it. Perhaps gazzumped would be a better metaphor, I'm not sure small jaffa cakes = violation.

  6. 42 days working straight, up at half six on a Sunday to go entertain the nation, canteen food not available because the chef rang in sick.

    Small Jaffa Cakes in this situation is a violation!

  7. I'm sure the rape crisis centre have a small jaffa cake section.

    I feel grand today. Slept til after 2. The single life eh.