Saturday, February 16, 2008

What a beautiful day!!!

The sun is shining, the sky is blue, people are in good form. Lovely.

So I decided to take my lunch break early. Off I trot with the inkling of an idea to spend my lunch in Merrion Sq's grassy area. By the time I got to the Crepe cafe my hands were about to fall off. Sigh.....

We are so close to Spring but not quite there yet.

I have been advised by a friend to get a SAD lamp.

Apparently these lamps act as a source of "Sunlight" for those of us that feel down during the colder, mankier seasons of the year. Hmmm, must say that I am a bit dubious about this.

This has been a weird week for me. One of those weeks where you just don't feel comfortable or relaxed no matter what you do. I screwed up on valentines day too....

Yes you are all allowed to mock me for my short sightedness. I am a hater of valentines day. I hate the costs, the pressure put on people and the fact that there is this one day of romance when it should be everyday. So I did nothing.... oops.

Aoife got me a lovely card and made dinner with champagne, and I did nothing. Yes I stuck to my principles which is good but its only now that I realise I must seem like I don't give a shite. So I have some making up to do, which should be fun.

The moral of the story is, get your partner something for valentines even if you believe the day is a crock of shite.

Lesson learned

Idiot x


  1. duh again talk about taking after your father idiot

  2. Idiot I think you should post some blog-lovin for Aoife

  3. I got herbal prozac the last couple of years during the winter for the old SAD. Does wonders.

  4. OK, I do remember tellin you about this last night but you are an idiot and I was drunk and evn less coherent than usual.

    There is a science gallery in Trinity, over by the science blocks, Crann building I think...There is a daylight room, it's free, you go in, take off your shoes lie down on a bean bag and listen to your MP3 player or whatever it is you want to do! It's all this special light to prevent SAD

    I am thinking as a write this that there could be money in it, a SAD cafe...? you need your 30 minutes a a cafe, you eat your lunch and get your 30 minutes, no nd to buy expnsive equipment for your own home, just pay over inflated prices for a paninni in my "Daylight Deli"

    Nearly as good an idea as stitch and starve...but not quite!