Saturday, February 16, 2008


Why do stupid people do stupid things?  

If you are going to make a "private" porn film, and you have some form of celebrity (even you Z listers out there), DON'T.  Seriously.  It'll just get released to the net, you'll suffer embarrassment and you won't be seen the same way.  That's not what I meant.  But you know!  I mean, come ON.  Don't sit there and say "Oh, honey, I love you sooooooo much, will you film that butt plug doing me?"

This has just been on my mind for a while.  No recent developments have sparked it being posted.  


  1. Ash, I just don't get it. I saw Pam Anderson on tv today and the first thing I thought was "Man, she just has to be so ashamed of that video...I mean, TOMMY LEE." You know what I mean?

    Why? Why do they do those stupid things? I know that there are all those right hand men/yes men standing there saying "Yes, that line of coke is a brilliant idea!", but it all ends up in a giant pile o'stupid.

    I know there's intelligence in there somewhere. I know there is. But they apparently don't.


  2. Why does anyone ever do that kind of thing? Some people are just in to it, some aren't and just bcause they're celebrities doesn't mean that they aren't subject to the same whims and fetishes we all are.

    And remember - some of them do it deliberately for the PR value, however sleazy.

  3. Oh no....Is my Midge and the butt plug movie on You that what this post is all about!!!

    Hee hee hee!

  4. I saw a really disturbing video of a group of teenagers somewhere in the Kildare/Dublin area (judging by their accents) where one girl was completely starkers pleasuring herself with a beer bottle while the rest of the party (lads AND girls) cheered her on...

    I couldn't watch the whole thing, I felt too bad for the girl who was clearly off her face. My friend had it on her phone, yuckity yuck.