Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Wow, Did I miss a Memo?

It does seem like it's random crazy post day here at 49£

No offense to the excellent fellow posters (and Lima Bean Pickers - hard going in the fields during rainy season by the way)

But, by my reckoning, so far today we've had posts on the following...

1) Starting club nights and quotes from electricians

2) 7 stories about death, dying and exploding corpses

3) A post about Dolly Parton

4) A video clip of the Rolling Stones, in a post where Keith Richards gives out about Amy Winehouse

5) A video post in which two half dressed girls re-enact Daft Punk

6) Rambo 4 - reviewed, in what may be one of the best / most savage reviews of all time "it's like something written by a 4-year-old deaf dog who went mad from licking its own hole"

7) A scattering of Number only posts from Shanachie

8) A post that bgins with Mwahahahahahaha etc.

I was intending to post about what I had for dinner... Now I'm not sure if it's

a) too boring

b) encouraging the oddity (and God knows what will happen when SL gets to post later)

c) needs some kind of video to go with it...

Anyway, My dinner... by CNo2

Tonight i had what may not be an entirely balanced diet of a bowl of Crunchy Nut Corn Flakes, a banana and a slice of rhubarb crumble.

It was late, I thought I shouldn't eat late, then I ended up eating more or less random items...

The worst thing, I suspect, and I'm sure the Nutritionist Community who eagerly consume our postings will advise me, is that I had the same dinner yesterday, with a glass of wine...

So, am I doomed? Should I stop such frivolous snacking? What else does one do when you arrive home from work at 10 and are due to depart for work at 6.45am?

Help, I need a dietitian... Help I don't really know how to spell dietstausydtuin

Oh and I'm not sure I spelled rhubarb right either....


  1. Just looking back over the day I have to agree it has been a bit silly alright. But you aint helping you and your cereal fetish is kinda worrying.

    Strangly though if I come home late from work I generally find that coco pops are all I want to eat. It really aint healthy though but with the way we work these days sometimes its the only choice.

    The glass of wine tbh is the worrying thing

  2. I love cereal.....shredded Wheat if I'm being good but all bran oaty bakes if I am being bad!!!

    Cereal is a step back to our youths!


    I had wine tonight and pickled beetroot......yummy!

  3. I think I could eat meusli three meals a day, with any slightly less healthy cereal mixed in - usually rice crispies of cornflakes, though I wish it was wheetos really.

    I can totally relate to your current diet.

    I have issues with serial potato waffles, fried eggs and ketchup.

  4. Hate that, spent ages replying and it broke down and there's no way of getting it back.

    To summarise, I've decided that C#2's new name is 49£ tragic poet.

    So TP - glad to see you're getting in touch with your eccentric side like the rest of us.

    My late night food favourites are, cheese slices with mustard, micro-chips, cheese triangles, left-over reheatable food, left-over cold food, nuts, crisps, orange juice, and more cheese.
    So I see no problem with the cornflakes and banana and crumble.

  5. The late night munchies are so hard to bear. I've been trying the 'If it's not there I won't eat it' method of abstinence but this led me to frying and eating a chicken fillet at 11.00 one night last week. MMM plain chicken fillet, tasty.

  6. These days my food thing is Tesco Free From... shortbreads. And Natural Food Co's Fruit Salad.

    I miss bread! /sob

  7. I lashed into a leftover pizza in work at 5.45 one Monday morning. It's still an issue with the lad I work with.

  8. I've forgotten what vegetables look like. My bowel's not happy.