Monday, February 11, 2008

Writers Block....

Ok so I have not written anything in a bit. You know why? I can't....

On the evening of a table quiz last week I was starting to get that "Ah crap I am gonna have a cold" feeling. So the next day after tempting fate I got exactly that. I had great intentions of writing the truth of Tuesday lasts table quiz but could not get my brain in gear. I still can't!! When I start thinking of what to write I go all squishy in my head and drool a bit.

Now I have a chesty cough thats really annoying and its really cold out today. Oh my god, roll on two weeks time when I will be in Spain with Aoife doing feck all for a week.

So anyway, I decided to write this post about my writing block because its the only thing I could come up with. I am very excited about Saturday night. Are a few pot noodles an acceptable form of food to bring?? Does beer constitute food?? Oooohhhh its gonna fun. Jo I hope you know what you are letting yourself in for. I personally am not gonna eat for three days so I get drunk on half a cap full of lager.

So when my brain comes back from holidays I will write that post about mad Milan and SL's broken back.



  1. SO you're coming then, Idiot? And Aoife too? You can bring pot noodles, but I suspect you'll be eating them alone in a corner :)

    Yes, Beer counts as food. And crisps are always a good fallback, and welcome any day of the week in my house!

  2. see is nt life great here i am mother to four children some tell me far too much and others tell me nothing like holidays to spain are u afraid i might ask u to bring me back a pressie. for someone who used to work with mobile phones i must get u some more lessons on how to dial it only takes a finger if u know what i mean

  3. Idiot, i've been waiting ages for that piece of drama.

  4. THANKS! Will take me a while to get this fantastic picture of you drooling out of my head. I see you with your head slightly tilted, eyes blank and face lit up by your screen. You look quite silly you know, but I do thank thee for the good laugh!

    Hope you'll get well soon.

  5. I similarly have been waiting to be immortalised in Idiotprose. Aileen? Still loving your work.

  6. Sorry Mum..will buzz you tomorrow, I promise :) Good to kind of see you Dolly ;) Milan, Sl - I don't know if I can write that post. We may loose the awards because of it. Jo - I think Aoife is coming....she is working so we may be a wee bit late. All the better to capture drunkeness while sober.

  7. All this talk of drunnkenness is scaring me a bit - as I'm drinking extremely modestly at the moment!

    So have you rung your mother yet?

  8. In relation to the event this weekend I also may well be in attendance along with mrs shan, it all depends on babysitter of which my first choice her godfather Idiot seems now to be out of the loop, I should know by tomorrow.