Thursday, March 13, 2008

1 day to go to the biggest rip off in Ireland

The Iphone.

Its a beautiful phone, classy, stylish and an amazing computer to boot. O2 Ireland release this beast to the streets tomorrow and once I heard it was coming I was down to the nearest O2 Store to book it.

Thankfully I did not do so. For starters I wanted the 16gig version of the phone which costs €499, but was told I can only prebook the 8gig version, so bacvk to the office I went with my €100 deposit in my pocket.

As has happened anywhere else the Iphone has been released you buy the phone then you go onto an Iphone Tarriff it was only when I got back to the computer I checked some sites for more info about the offer O2 have, I was horrified.

€45 euro is the lowest tarriff they have which is what I pay a month at the moment on average, but when you compare what our friends in O2 Ireland give you for that price compared to say ....... our neighbours in the UK you realise just how much they are fleecing us.

8 GB -£269 Sterling at todays rate = €352 against €399 Here - €47 Difference
16 GB - £329 Sterling at todays rate - €431 against €499 Here -€68 Difference.
(Are they taking the mickey or what???)
Then….. to add insult to injury:-
No Visual Voice mail!
No Unlimited Data!

€45 - 175 mins, 100 texts, 1GB data
€65 - 350 mins, 150 texts. 1GB data
€100 - 700 mins, 250 texts, 1GB data
15c for each voice mail !!!
NO visual voicemail, NO wifi hotspot access

£35 (~€47) - 600 mins, 500 texts, unlimited data
£45 (~€60) - 1200 mins, 500 text, unlimited data
£75 (~€100) - 3000 mins, 500 texts, unlimited data
Visual voicemail, access to UK-wide wifi hotspots.

Visual Voicemail by the way is a really nice feature that allows you to go directly to any of your messages without listening to the prior messages. So you can quickly select the messages that are most important to you, but hey we dont get that in Ireland instead we have to pay 15 cent each time for a voicemail, what the fuck is that all about.

Now I have spoken to a few Iphone users in the uk and they tell me that 1 gig of data aint that bad but why does it need to be capped at all, because for years the Irish never ever complained to the mobile providers about their data charges and so they can get away with it. Look at the previous post for god sake as an example of what I am talking about.

It means the cheapest iPhone will set you back €1,209 over the next year and a half.

At the launch Danuta Gray, O2 CEO in Ireland added more insult to an already insulted public by saying "I'd say your Apple freaks will be queuing out the door when we launch" I for one will not be and I do hope for the sake of the public not many others will be either.

Cop the fuck on O2 here you have an amazing phone stop fucking fleecing the consumer you ignorant fucks.


  1. I'm dying to see us get more than one post labeled "fleecing cunts in o2". hee hee

  2. Whoa I feel a little bit aroused..

    Loving angry Shan. I agree though, fuck the fuckin fuckers in the fucking head, for fucks sake.


  3. I have to stop reading Tewenty Major, particularly his mad and foul commenters who use foul language like a group of teenage boys trying to impress eachother. The word 'cuntbag' has somehow entered my mental vocabulary.

    Strange - geebag is funny, but the other is just skanky.

    Idiot, that photo's really scary.

  4. I can tell you have no's a frigging phone! 400 euro is a luxury I can't even imagine!

  5. Shan - that i-shite is a load of bollocks anyway, I told you before.

    Idiot - your comment is classic, although I'm slightly worried at the sexual arousing of one brother by another. Or maybe I should be aroused by that..

    JM - Id's had that picture for aaagees.

    Aileen - kids these days, eh?

  6. Come here, is it not cheaper to buy one in the States, hack it and go with Vodafone over here?

  7. The marketing team at O2 should be shot. If you visit their website (not gonna link it here), there is absolutely nothing about the iPhone on it. You have to go one page in, off only a couple of the front-page links, before you even see it.

    Maybe they know it's a shit deal.