Thursday, March 13, 2008

The tricky game of Vodafone

One afternoon this past month I downloaded some email and browsed the web a bit on my Nokia N95 8GB phone. Traffic, according to the Vodafone bill I just opened, totaled about 600kB. They charged me €8.80 + VAT for this.

Also, I'm on the Perfect Choice 100 plan and because I went 100 texts over my limit they charged a total of €12.24 for those messages. (I seem to text far more than talk on my phone.)

Now I'm going online at home to see if I can change my account, and find I can pay €8.26 + VAT for 15MB of traffic. About the same cost for 14.5 megs more traffic. Jesus.

And, to address the larger texting problem, I can pay €6.61 + VAT to bump my text limit from 100 to 250 texts in the month. Half the cost for 50% more than what I exceeded the limit with last month. I've not gone past 200 texts, so this would seem to be the better choice for me (and not switch my whole calling plan).

I'm going to add the texts, and resist the urge to be online with my phone (at least via Vodafone, still using a wifi connection where available) for a while and see if I can accept it.


  1. P.S. My addition of the texts is "Pending", which apparently means I have to wait until after April 7 (my next bill) before it'll actually take effect. BULL-shit.

  2. Data rates in Ireland are fucking crazy my bill can go up from 45 euro a month to 70+ if I use the internet on my phone which involves checking this site and Mulleys site out when I am on the bus to work, I think I may go to 2 or 3 mb's total (since I have images off) and get charged stupid amounts. All this brings me to my next post.

  3. Atreus I spend the Budget of a small country on my phone it's a disaster, and I don't even use the net. My Bills are around €100 to €180 a month and even when I swap round tarrifs, it makes no odds. I'm sick of paying a fortune for my phone.