Monday, March 24, 2008


I was wrong in my last comment. This is the next 100 marker since Atreus got his car broken into 100 posts ago. Well I have nothing to say. I'm over trying to entertain you people. You demand so much of me. Don't ask me, I'm just a girl, he he....he, he.

Actually. Was talking the other day about new lingo. I use "old school" all the time and I've no idea what I used to use before for "old-school". SL slagged me over "c'mere". He says it's a Northside phrase and that Tib uses it as well but I'm here to say that I've been using it first so there, I've been slagged about it for at least a decade so I claim ownership. Then there's "mrs." This is generic at this stage, in the greeting of a female friend of any marital status, and generic in terms of a man's female companion of any marital status. I like using "mrs", to me it's as good as "aul wan", which is one of my all time favourite slang words.

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