Saturday, March 01, 2008


It's the lead up to the big 1,000; it's the lead up to the big award; it's the lead up to the big get together; it's the lead up to adventure...

..isn't anticipation great. Sometime even better than the real thing. This is the big difference in booking a holiday 6 months in advance vs last minute.. you get to have something to look forward to for ages. I'm a big social person but like to have plans for society even more than society. It's the crux of a good adventure film. The whole basis of a romance story. Where would we be without it.


  1. Darn, I tried to post a comment from my phone last night moments before the event began, but it apparently didn't get saved properly. Shoot!

    I saw lots of people all looking excited and some nervous with the anticipation of seeing actual human faces put on some of their favourite blogs. In many glances was the hint of curiosity---wondering who that guy might be? I wonder if she posted a comment when I posted that tirade? Which one is Milan, exactly?


  2. I have to say that Milan was tons taller than I thought she would be :-D. Also, I couldn't talk to anyone, cause I couldn't hear over the music. Was fun as heck tho...and a nice night out for the ladies shoes!

  3. Jo's boots were to die for. I think another crime is called for. Watch out Jo.