Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Just a quick note to say I won't be around these parts very much over the coming months. Myself and himself have chucked in work and have now started a whirlwind 4 month trip home to Ireland.

I'm currently in Canberra where I sat in on the Australian Parliament and tried to figure out what sort of bill they were 'yaying' and 'naying' too. In the end I really just wanted to know what the lady with the pole was doing down the back, it's a long story apparently.

Speaking of going AWOL, I was thinking the other day about how I am generally quite a lazy friend. I'm always there if someone needs me but I can go weeks and even months without seeing or speaking too some of my closest friends, even the ones that live in the same city as me. I am lucky I guess that my friends are the same as me in that sense and that there is never any bad blood between us for not being in contact.

I have a friend over here who rings her nearest and dearest friends at home at least once if not twice a week - mine are lucky if they get an email/text once a month and maybe a few photos. Again, I am a good friend, people tell me this! This other one just makes me feel bad...well, not bad really, just thoughtful.

Anyway, don't disown me, I'll be lurking a lot and posting as much as I can. VL


  1. when are we gonna meet up then Voodoo?

    Yay we can have a great drunken night in dublin!

  2. Do tell Voodoo? Maybe we can arrange our next night around you and Dolly.

  3. VD - hope you have a great trip home. I'm glad you're coming home and we get to meet you. It will be strange as usual but good craic I'm sure. I'll be over my break from alcohol by then. I'm usually good at keeping in touch. FB and texting make it even easier. I love a good text off.

  4. Yeah, a night out in the capital will be had I'm sure - no doubt it will be weird though, and a first for me in that respect.

  5. Voodo - I wouldn't have any friends (or family) at all if they wouldn't let me getting away that kind of behaviour. Lucky for me - they do. (And most of them would probably let me get away with almost anything.)

    And I'd love to come to a meet in Dublin.