Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Too cool

I know every time the kids are off school for any extended period of time there's always talk of how much lighter traffic is, how much easier it is to commute to work and why can't something be done to make it this easy all of the time.

I'm one of those people. Today it took me only an hour and fifteen minutes from door to desk instead of the usual hour and three quarters or more depending on the weather. So I have a somewhat radical proposal to forward that I think may sort the problems of all concerned.

Abolish school.

Simple as that really. Kids just never go back ever again. We have perpetual easier commuting, they never have to go back to institutions that the vast majority of them hate anyway. I know there will be do gooders who will suggest that the young people of Ireland need to be "educated" but surely once you pick up the three Rs the rest of it is mostly superfluous.

Who, realistically needs to know advanced calculus, what chamber does what in the human heart or German?

I can see the downside, of course. Vast numbers of kids flooding the labour market lowering wages and, sadly, unemployment for Jo. But surely in order for us to make the tasty omlette that will be the freer movement of all of us in the morning on the road, we have to break some eggs.

Just have a think about it.


  1. I think there's a Traffic Bill in there somewhere. The light traffic is great though.

  2. JESUS H CHRIST Think of my sanity!!!!!!! Abolish school???!! It's been two whole days and they're driving me NUTS!!!! NUTS I tell ya!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That smiley avatar is so inappropraite for this comment.

  3. But Ash you do look so happy in your avatar. I can't take what you say seriously.

  4. I have thought long and hard about this...

    Solutions as follows....

    1: Kill all children
    2: Send em all to school in Mayo
    3: start school at 10am instead of 9am

    Last one makes some sense

  5. In Europe school starts much earlier....which would help a lot of working parents here, I also think it would be good to have breakfast clubs in schools, kids could go early and have a good feed. socialise with friends etc. The other thing is if kids walked to school....takes a lot of traffic off the roads, and encourages activity in children!

  6. Oh and I'm with Ash on the whole kill me if school didn't exist! The fun centre today was great, but the noise, oh the noise, noise noise noise noise!

    Someone, if they abolish school you'll either have to give up work to be a house husband, or earn alot more money to pay for a nanny!

  7. LOL - thanks Someone and Idiot! Right. That really would put an end to the traffic situation...