Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Drunken musings..

Alcoholic expectations
I was gargling for 14 hours on Fri but because it was spread out over the whole day and night it never took hold and I didn't get any sort of small buzz from it. I was moaning about this over the wk end and it was taken up as a moan of an alcoholic, but seriously, what's the point in having that much gargle if you end up as drunk as after half a shandy. Went on the red wine this evening and it didn't fail me.

mwa mwa
We were talking earlier about the whole continental kiss greeting thing. I never kiss back, ever. I just let people kiss me. I don't even fake the mwa mwa. Usually if someone else is doing the proper kissing I'm facing nowhere near their face anyway. But I wonder now whether I appear rude or uncultured for not kissing back.

I touch myself
Steady on there. This song came on the radio in the pub and it is unfortunately very catchy and I've been singing it ever since but it's always a dodgy song to be singing in public if you're female, unless you're MW and open about such things.

Text me
We pondered in the taxi about the whole "text me when you get home" thing. I get this all the time and I respond, but I don't know if people are only saying it or do they really mean it. I've never asked someone to text me. Actually I have to do that next time I'm out. The majority consensus in the taxi was that it's generally a genuine request.


  1. I havenothing against kissing people, but the whole kiss kiss greeting thing gets old sometimes - especially when there's the whole awkward lack of sychronicity.

    I like it with people I genuinely want to exress happiness to see, maybe I haven't seen them in a while. Or on an occasion. But I don't think it should be as quotidienne as saying hello. we're Irish, for God's sake.

    I have a friend whose partner is French, so you ahve to kiss twice - and one or the other of us always does hte wrong one - I do one, she does two, or she does one because I messed it up the last time and I try for two: instead of being a nice greeting or goodby, it just becomes an embarrassment!

    I think letting the other person kiss you is a good tactic actually. Saves on all that teenage face-missing!

    Texting when you get home - I would never ask soemone to do that - I wouldn't think of it, which is strange, as I do mammy people all the time - I havetexted soemone with a long drive home to say - oh no! You never went to the toilet! The other thing is, I forget to text when people ask me to, then I feel terrible.
    I don't like the implication that I must text or I might be dead, as if getting home is really that perilous - I hate when my say see you soon to my mother in law and she says PLEASE GOD as if the chances are I'll be run over by a bus in the next day or so.

    I don't know why I'm writing so much in rsponse here. Sorry!

  2. I really like the continental kiss thing. Like you, I usually let them kiss me (the kissee) as opposed to the kisser!!! Ha that sounds funny doesn't it?!

    I love the way French kids are so wonderfully polite and always greet people like that.

  3. I don't usually kiss people I let myself be kissed, then I always wonder if they think bad of me because of it? It's all a bit forced I think, what happened a lovely big hug!

  4. I just read the four headings and, as such, am disappointed with the content :(