Friday, March 21, 2008


Just got in from work, nobody around everyone seems to be doing things that most people do on Good Friday certainly not buying clothes.

So my friend and myself were talking about years ago when everywhere was closed or you got the option to go to church between three and four. This is something i'd forgotten about , my father had a shoe factory and it always closed on Good Friday as no one would hammer a nail into a shoe. Where i work there is a shoe repair shop and he was saying that he had to open for key cutting but he would'nt hammer a nail into a shoe. Some of the old traditions seem to remain.


  1. Nice to see the old traditions alive and well. Just look at retail now. Stores close 4 days of the year only, some even less. Have we become that deranged that we must always be open? If shops were closed on certain days people would just come at another time. Good Friday is another example. Sitting here doing feck all.

  2. Never heard that shoe/nail story before. Interesting. I don't have big GF traditions. I went into the Pro-Cathedral Passion service earlier and it was very beautiful. The Palestrina choir are lovely.

  3. We have to be always open, and now always contactable. People freak out when you don't answer your mobile, I do it too. Twenty blogs form his toilet!

    Is it good? No, it is not, yet we all seem to need it.

  4. Was going to blog on this topic, but here it is. And I'm still not really OK with the fact that the shops are open. Leave me be. Close the stores. Go home and enjoy the holiday.

    I still remember NOTHING being open on Good Friday. NOTHING on telly to watch. And it was good! It was time for rest. It was boring as ***[insert word of choice here] but on Easter eve it was all fun again (and still no shops open).

    My family aren't church goers, but it just blows my mind how everything just has to stay open. Why? Why not take some days of. Shop in advance. Take some time off. I am. Eh, I am trying to.