Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Last Supper

On a mini-documentary this evening on Channel 4 they said that the most common request from death row prisoners of a last meal was cheeseburger and fries. So for your last meal what would you go for? I'm thinking I'd like a piping hot chicken and ciabatta roll with lots of lettuce and mayo but I know they'd mess it up and it wouldn't be hot and that would just annoy me and who wants to be annoyed by food when you've only hours to live...


  1. oh, homemade chips and two fried eggs! loads of white loaf bread butter and a huge pot of tea, oh and a nice bottle of champagne! dessert would be a huge slice of apple tart and fresh cream!

  2. That's funny, I just had this conversation on some other blog. I ccna't remember where.

    My mother's Christmas dinner - mushroom nut stuffing, red cabbage with chestnuts, peas, scalloped potatoes. Champagne would be good alright. I can't decide between her cheesecake or birthday cake (chocolate cheery torte, 3 layers, chocoalte whipped cream) - as it's my last meal, perhaps I get two desserts? I suppose the trick is to eat so much you actually want to die, I know I've had that feeling before! :)

    Like you, Ash, I've wondered about hte logistics of getting it right, it would have to be perfect. How awful to request soemthing specific and get a crappy version!

    Though I think most people ask for burgers or KFC... shows you the demographic of people getting executed in the U.S.

  3. fillet steak homemade chips and pepper sauce. On second thoughts, would u really feel like eating (with nerves).

  4. Ails - true. I think I'd go for the old reliable curry 3-in-1.