Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Filthy.....but not in a Midge way.....unfortunately.

My oven is so filthy today that I'm considering buying a new one rather than actually cleaning it. How "disposable society" is that? I used to equate the time spent doing things like cleaning with what I earned per hour and I reckoned it wasn't worth my time. Six times cleaning the oven equated to paying for a new one.


  1. I look at things like that sometimes. Is it really worth driving far away to save 5 euro on a purchase.

  2. Wow! I like the oven equation. I don't clean my oven either and I sympathise with you totally. I'd love one of those fab state of the art gas ranges and as the husband is about to start working in an electronics/kitchen goods store, he could get one at cost price! If we had any money...

    but I'm well aware I'd just let it get manky too. Shame shame shame.

  3. Oh the dirty is clean dirt.....sure all the heat kills
    the germs!

  4. There's nothing beautiful about baked on grease though...

  5. I just moved out of my flat and the letting agents have come back and said they are withholding a part of our deposit as the oven is a bit 'grimey'. It's focking spotless! It's an OVEN, it's a den of grease. I don't know how these people have the will to live.