Thursday, March 06, 2008

Hej alla!

I am here in Svvveeeeden and so far Dolly has been a tremendous host. I have learn't so much in 24 hours they are as mad as the chef in the muppet show...

Lifts here in Sweden are called Hiss (mental or what) and to call a Hiss you press a button marked hit (which does not mean wallop, but means "here") when the hiss arrives some doors open with a drag (which means pull). Today we saw Reindeer, Elk, Owls, Cows, Sheep and Goats at a pretty cool park called Skansen. The bear was a wanker though and was hibernating, I demanded a refund.

Tomorrow Dolly is making plans for us, and as I type herself and her eldest child are discussing ideas like crazy, in that fucked up language they talk.


  1. Ah now, Shan. You're sounding like my English friend who got all over excited because the post boxes here were green not red.

    It's just another language.

    Having said that, I've no idea how anyone learns it!

  2. There you are Shan, wandering around making Swedish Chef noises with all the natives looking on... Makes a cool picture actually.

  3. Fair play Shan. I expect you to eat some elk and tell us what it's like.

  4. please dont make a show of yourself give my granddaughter a big irish kiss from her nana