Monday, March 03, 2008

I am a Cave woman!

Ok, as anyone who was at the awards on Saturday knows my computer has been out of action since the middle of last week, I'm feeling incredibly isolated and excluded from our little community, so bad that I am sitting in an Internet cafe as I type this feeding my baby biscuits to keep him quiet! My very computer friendly friends are trying to fix it for me....which I hope they can do, as I am soooooo amazingly broke I won't be able to afford a new one....and then!!!!!

So also on Saturday everyone was wondering why they hadn't heard from me...I'm a terrible texter, sending about 50 a day! I got sooooo wasted on Friday night that I left my phone somewhere and now it's stolen! I should have a phone again tomorrow but until then i am feeling so naked technology wise! I am a modern day cave woman!

I had such a great time on Saturday and i will post about it all on my own blog when I get back my computer (fingers crossed) back. I met so many wonderful bloggers I'd been dying to meet and I wasn't disappointed with any of them!

But just for now I would like to say how grateful I am to everyone from our little corner of the blogging universe who showed up (with their lovely partners) and made the evening such a wonderful experience for me. It was lovely to sit with my friends have a laugh. I am loving blogging, but my favorite bit is the new friends I've made, and who have been such great support and great craic over the last six months or so in particular!

My Ex husband was there with his new girlfriend (who I absolutely adore, I want to adopt her!) and I brought my new partner too....It was very Woody Allen! Quite modern and sophisticated! I kept waiting for someone to put keys in a bowl....

Anyway, had a ball, lets do something soon! And again 5Th of April, my 35Th Birthday, I want you all there!

Love ye!


  1. No phone, no texting, no internet... it is the subject of modern horror.

  2. Very Woody Allen is putting it mildly. Adopting her would really put the icing on the cake alright ;)