Monday, March 03, 2008

Thirteen Things...

Now, I'm not usually a Meme person, or whatever it is where you fill out those questionaire-y things...

But this one seemed interesting

It's a list of Thirteen things, that you'd tell your thirteen year old self...

At first, it sounds hokey... But when you read her list, there are definitely some things in there...

I wonder if I'll have Thirteen but here goes...

1. Spend more time with your Uncle

2. Spend more time with your grandparents

3. Spend more time with that new brother you just got... He's a brilliant little kid, and he grows up to be a brilliant person

4. Don't worry so much about how you look

5. Yes, school is awful, but not as awful as you think

6. You do have a talent, you will find it

7. Don't get married too soon

8. One day, you will be a parent - start thinking about it now!

9. Go to more lectures when you get to college

10. You won't really enjoy History, but you should work harder at English

11. Make more friends, keep them

12. If you ever get the chance, buy shares in computer companies...

13. Money is never as much of a problem as you think it is...

That's 13... When you start to think about them, there are probably more...

Feel free to have a go!


  1. The thing is I probably wouldn't say anything to my 13 yr old self, because as much as I'd like to improve my person, I don't want to kill the person that's typing this message, which would inevitably happen in you start interfering with your past life. This is why I want to be healed of all ills starting from now, not before. Good without the bad, I keep telling you. It's a fantasy but a fantasy worth having.

  2. Oh, I'd have lots to say... very girly though, I think that might be more of a my-blog post...

    Which made me wonder if this is a far more female thing to do, is this the sort of thing men think about?

    I have to admit to having been sure that Conformist HAD to be a girl ,even though it wasn't my initial impression, because I know of so few men who express the depth of personal thought that he does so eloquently.

    So I'm interested: will many men respond to this?

  3. Gladly, Jo.

    To my 13 year old self:

    1. You're not as fat as you think you are.

    2. You really should get into music.

    3. You should take a break year before you go to college. You're too young, it won't work out well and you'll regret it for the rest of your life.

    4. No, you're not gay. Quite the opposite in fact.

    5. You won't be an old man at 23. Or 33. Or, you hope, 43.

    6. Make more time to hold on to your relationship with your brother. You'll regret you didn't and there will be little you can do about it.

    7. Alcohol isn't as evil as you think. You may end up developing a small taste for it

    8. Stop being such a smart arse.

    9. Something bad is going to happen when you're 16. It won't be the end of your life. Far from it.

    10. I know you don't know what you want to be when you grow up. You never will.

    11. Work hard, it pays off.

    12. You'll have your fair share of fuck ups. Don't regret anything. It all gets you somewhere.

    13. That lima bean thing is a really, really good idea.

  4. It seems not only am I the only man to take a crack at this but the only LBP at all. Shame that.

  5. All in time; life's been too busy to stop and spend any time thinking. :)

  6. This is a tougher one than I thought! Because it's for your 13 year old self and not your thirteen year old son/ daughter.


    1. Don't be so scared of everything and everyone.

    2. Be reassured the friend you have now will probably be your friend in 20 years.

    3. Make the most of the time with your parents. Otherwise it may lead to a lifetime of regret.

    4. Don't wait another 10 years to realise you have the right to say no.

    5. Listen to your mother. Yes she is always right.

    6. Listen to your big sisters. They know lots. Your brothers, not so much.... just kiddin' ;-)

    7. The first time you crash your mother's car will not be the end of the world. Eventually someone will hug you and all will be well.

    8. Don't listen to anybody who tell's you can't do something. Especially career guidance teachers. Do a job you enjoy over a job for money. Always.

    9. Read books about people who do crazy life changing things like land on the moon and climb Everest. Then do it yourself.

    10. Sometime's the worst things to happen to you will lead to the best things to ever happen to you. Be reassured.

    11. Cry all you want. It doesn't make you weak.

    12. Try your best to steer clear of drugs/ crime/ unplanned pregnancy/ STD's/ pervs on the internet etc.

    13. Never get dragged into a group blog by a bunch of strangers you meet over the internet. No good could possibly come of it. Especially when it's 11 o' clock and you've to be up in 3 hours to bring your 16 year old baby to the airport and you're knackered and sick from eating too many chocolates and your mouse is broken and the computer is driving you nuts and and and.....

  7. Aw, Ash! No 13 is poignant!

    How many pervs on the internet did you get entangled with?!

  8. Ha Jo! My number 12 is simply the bog standard compulsory warnings that should be given to all 13 year order to scare the hell out of 'em.

  9. I don't know, I was raised by a mother who was terrified of the world, so my experience of life as a 13 year old was that the world was a horrible place!

    So as a mother to a 10 year old, four year old and 11 month old, my advice is find your passion, live your life, love as much as you can and be loved! Thats it! Oh and don't do drugs....drugs are Baad!