Thursday, March 27, 2008

I am considering doing something controversial.

I Shanachie am thinking of changing my name, a few, what seems like hundred posts ago after the Blog Awards I said I was not going to hide anymore behind my fictional character, yet I am still known as Shanachie.

I would be interested to get peoples opinions on me reverting to my commonly used username on the net, would I be mad, I think not, I have never written anything controversial or private here well except for the one about me masturbating at least 2 time every day (shit that was a different blog) but you know what I mean.


  1. So what's it going to be then, hornywanksx2?

    Sorry, just being silly. Go for it.

  2. I'm against it because regardless of the whole open pride and all that, why lose your new name. I like Shan. You are Shan. You will always be Shan to me. I'm so liking having different names I'm thinking of creating more for me. Why stick to the one. That's just one-dimensional talk. Look at Dickens, all his main characters had at least 4/5 names - especially in Our Mutual Friend, which was his best.

  3. No no no stay Shan as then I don't think of you as my son, if you know what i mean.

  4. I like the Shan persona too, it suits you. The other name sounds a bit serious, for round here anyway ;-)

  5. How about Sir Wanks a Lot then?

    I'm sorry, I don't know what's wrong with me.

    I don't know. Shan is nice, it just sounds like a name. But the Seanachie thing never really worked for me. Is it really him?

  6. I know exactly what has prompted Shan's crisis. Look for the post above.

    I think you should stay as you are. I could probably easily post here under my other name too as I haven't really outed anything incredibly personal either.

    Still, I like my persona here. I'm kind of addicted to all the ones I have, each a little different from the others.

  7. ok looks like shan is hanging around a bit longer

  8. ROTFL@Jo!
    How could you all just ignore the awsome suggestions made up there?

    Mr McAShanachaWhatEva, does Jo know what I initially knew you as waaaay back in the ol' days.

    We were innocent. We knew so little about picking smart nicks...

  9. Dolly the less said about that the better!

  10. *mvhahahahahaaaaaa* dolly is now considering a price to keep her mouth shut