Thursday, March 27, 2008

Bureaucracy defends the status quo...

...long past the time when the quo has lost its status (Laurence J. Peter 1919-1990).

An old pain in my shoulder blade resurfaced this week and I remembered I had a prescription for anti-inflammatory tablets from a few months back that I could use again. So I dug it out and went to the chemist but because the prescription was over 6 months old it becomes void and can't be used. Which meant of course I had to go to the doctor and fork out 55 quid to get another one. I don't mind so much but it's a bit of a pain all the same.
Immitation posts part 2: Tiberius Gracchus


  1. I thought you could phone for prescription renewals, at a lesser charge? GPs have it made.

    Though what I'm aghast at is that it costs as much to go to the vet.

    So taking my children there instead saved no money at all...

  2. Milan, you've got some great creativity. :)

  3. yeah, thx a bunch milan ;-)
    - I was just about to go to bed and strangely enough I suddenly found myself clicking away on wikipedia again. Fantastic post.

  4. SL, Atrues - cheers
    Shan - don't be.
    Dolly - sorry.

  5. Milan: do you really think I took my kids to the vet? We have to get you some sort of detector!