Sunday, March 09, 2008

In a Net Curtain state of mind..

I was reminded late last night, as I was dancing in the kitchen to the music on my phone while waiting for the kettle to boil (background setting - check); that I still act at home as if we have net curtains where no one can see inside. In reality we've had new fangled fancy blinds for years, where, for the most part, 3/4s of the window is not covered. Yet despite this I've no problem wandering round in various states of undress and doing even more eccentric (aka normal to me) things without caring that anyone can see me.

I need blind therapy.


  1. I've often stood on the opposite side of such windows wondering what would lead to someone doing just that knowing that the world can see them.

    The couple who have the bedroom window overlooked by train tracks in one block of apartments on the run in to Connolly where trains always seem to stop.

    The man who has a house over the road from my local shop, sir when you sit on the jacks with the door open in tandem with the curtains of your boxroom are you aware that Costcutter's staff instigate action against their employer.

    The nuns who live alongside Mount Anville your story I will not tell for fear of The Lord taking vengence on you for your blatent breach of vows..........

  2. milan, go on doing whatever it is you are doing.
    I was brought up in the city, and was taught that it is very rude to stare into others flats. You don't need blinds, you need the privacy to do exactly what you want in your own flat (as long as you're not actually standing *in* the window asking for attention) :)

  3. You live where exactly again Milan.......? ;)