Sunday, March 23, 2008

... the lot of ye

I'm not normally the type to publish private Gmail conversations but there are always exceptions to every rule.

I'm typing this from one of those public Eircom booth things in a major transportation hub. The space bar and the Enter key are both missing and I'm having to use the pointy end of a key to do either. Such are the wonders of our interconnected world. But I'm off topic.

I was in a similar, if much less vandalised, booth a while back and saw that Tib's green light was on in his Gmail. I said hi but he was obviously away from his desk and so I signed off thus in my trademark polite fashion:


me: Right.
.... ya so.
It won't let me say ....


or ....
or ....
or prick?

A word the software couldn't get!!!!!!
How about bollox?
Tee hee.....
Sorry, in Busaras and bored...
Bye ;-)

It's the little kicks against the system I get the greatest pleasure from.


  1. That's funny. I like that too.Feckin PC nazis.

  2. I feel so violated, I'm a modern day Donna Summer or Martin McCutcheon.

  3. Martin is the male Martine McCutcheon drag act.

  4. He might even be Martin McClutcheon, or similar. Martin McClutchin'one?

  5. Jo - funny.

    How were Donna Summer or Martin McCutcheon violated?

  6. ? Why did I just watch a live Donna Summer video, I saw no evidence of violation. What's the story Tib?

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  8. Someone found her letter and read it out on the radio, our Someone found my online conversation with him and posted it online

  9. Jo I was wondering the same too, I even looked up the lyrics online. I thought it might be that radio connection but decided not to ask cause I'm continually looking like a spa these days on 49£. I was proud of having my first international comment from TV lcd when SL dashed my hopes and said it was a junk post. I need to go to blog loser school.

    So all that's left to explain is the Martin McCutcheon violation. Tib?