Thursday, March 27, 2008

Inside the mind of an Idiot...

The 49£ addict sits alone in a dark room trying hard not to contemplate the dark road ahead. All she wants to do is remain in her cozy world of comfortably numb.

A distance ship sounds on the horizon.

But they won't let her. The people who say they want to help say she needs time out. She needs to let go. She needs to escape. See the world for what it really is. "There's so much more out there" the Helpers say.

But she doesn't believe them.

She's not even listening.

She's thinking about her beloved community. There, she dances a sensual tango.

Helper 1: "Okay we have to arrange some rehabilitation. There's a place free in the local mental health centre".

Helper 2: "No, some local fare won't be enough to entice Milan away from her 'other world'; we need to splash out a bit. Create a clean break, that's why I've organised a week end away, off the coast of Italy. I can't guarantee very good weather this time of year, but it will be nicer than here, and the food and wine are good".

Helper 1: "Ok, but you can sort the paper work with head office".

The 49£ addict reluctantly agrees to the exotic week end away. If only to stop the noises outside her head. They clash with the noises on the inside.

What harm can it do?

But already the anxiety starts to creep in.

Will she survive 3 days of no blog? Will she survive 3 days of no posting? Will she survive 3 days of no commenting? Like the Messiah, will she have the power to rise again on the third day?

Only time will tell.

Immitation post no.3: Idiot


  1. Enjoy Milan! Although cold turkey is tough, you can do it. Be strong! ;-)

  2. Ooooohhh cool post Milan. Have a great time. I will not let Mum usurp your throne.