Saturday, March 29, 2008

Moon stuff.....

Have you ever wanted to do a space flight? Ever had one of those dreams of orbiting the moon, seeing it up close, seeing the earth as a distant speck. Chances are that a private company will eventually be bringing people up there for lots and lots of cash and it's fairly unattainable for the rest of us. But maybe the next best thing on a more affordable scale is sending something important of yours to the surface of the moon; or ten metres below it. There is a company that will bring stuff to the moon for you and leave it there....forever. Some of the items, very small ones, that they have been commissioned to bring include a lipstick (?), tiny pieces of art, business cards and a sample of human remains. It costs a thousand dollars per gram; a business card weighs about a gram apparently. So what would you send if you could afford it and had any interest in it? I like the thought of a sample of my remains being there, it seems so peaceful.......


  1. My feeling about it is that it's just an odgy alternative to landfill!

    However, my husband had decided he wants to be cremated and shot into space - or possibly just spread about by firework, actually, maybe that was it. I'd better get him to write it down.

    I read an article about a company in the US who will turn people's ashes into DIAMOND!! I would love that. I would love to have a diamond ring made of some of the ashes of someone I loved. I think my mother would have loved that idea.

  2. A USB flash thingy, filled with all sorts of music and youtube vids...