Sunday, March 30, 2008

Lenny the Hamster

Yesterday my daughter and I went into Carlow town for a look around we decided to go into petmania, not a great move. Running around were dwarf hamsters , cute as a button.

Well I'm sure you can imagine what happened next , she really wanted one. On saying this the boyfriend is'nt an animal person so she rang him first and after that it was all go she got a cage seesaw and other bits and pieces.

Later that evening I got a phone call Lenny had escaped , he is so small he got out through the bars and ran around their sitting room before being caught .Luckely they had a fish tank (with no fish ) that Shan had given her so thats his new home . And by the way the boyfriend loves him so they are delighted with their new addition to their family


  1. I'm glad Lenny is returned, otherwise I was going to suggest that somehow he and MidgetWrangler's missing snake should be used to lure each other out.

    Obviously the logistics of that wouldn't work, but anyway, what the hell.

  2. Congrats to the little Sis for coercing himself to get a pet, I look forward to seeing Lenny very very soon.

    Its also great to see the fish tank finally got some use!

  3. First a hamster then a child....the broody alarm is ringing folks.

  4. More from the Shanidiotails family. Our very own 49£ family adventures.

  5. btw, I read recently, maybe on MW's blog, that the snake is back, it sounded like it's been back a while too. And she never told us what happened...Midge?

  6. no now I actually have two snakes one in a cage and another accidental free range snake....