Sunday, March 30, 2008

thoughts on my night

I went out to the cinema tonight. Here are some reflections:
(Warning: this post contains irate and foul language)

The Veggie Burger is back in Eddie Rocket's but ironically, after all this time, it wasn't that great - squishy, I'd call it.

In Bruges was great, though personally I could have done without the gruesome realistic gore. And the two awful bits, which slightly spoil the funny bits, though I recognise there wouldn't have been the same emotional impact, tension or story without them. I don't really know how to reconcile that conundrum for my film-going self. I thought Colm Farrell was all about the black-eyed excellence in this one.

Much worse, and possibly what made me more sensitive to the nasty bits of the film was the f-ing trailer. Excuse the swearing, because I'm mightily peeved.
Well, when you see Tim Roth driving his blond family home in a big SUV with a boat at the back all smiling merrily and classical music playing, you know bad things are coming. The film is called 'Funny Games' and is yer classic 'imagine if the worst thing ever came to your complacent suburban life and the horriblest, violent terror was meted out to your family by smiling sadistic Hitler Youth type psychopaths.'

What gets to me about this piece of crap, pointless, plotless, gratuitous exercise in emotional manipulation is that I was the captive audience for its evil little trailer, stuck in my cinema seat, like popcorn eating FODDER. I didn't need to see this shite, I didn't want to see this shite, and feel sick, feel my heart race and adrenaline pump through me (though in fairness, the chocolate malt may have contributed to that a bit). Still, I want to have a choice of what I watch, I don't want to be exposed to all this horror schlock images, like this and all those 'tie women up and torture them' horrors. Fuck off with it!

And if you don't agree, well, look what Tim says about it! So why did you make the stupid film, Tim, you ARSE!? You're not going to watch it because it upsets you, but I have to sit through the fucking trailer? Meh!!

Do me a favour and refuse to ever see this film!

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  1. I thought In Bruge was great. A friend of mine was also put off by the dark vs comedy aspects but it didn't bother me for whatever reason. I won't be going to that film, regardless.