Monday, March 03, 2008

Mind gone blank

Each day I get at least 3 good ideas on topics to blog on. Some are even brilliant!
And every night, when I have time to sit down, my mind goes blank. Completely blank.

I've tried jotting topics down on Post-It's, but that's just been freaky. Whenever I do have the chance to sit down and have a look at what I've written (or drawn) on that little piece of paper, I get really scared; it makes absolutely no sense. Not even to me! And I'm the person who took the stupid note down only hours ago. It looks like the scribble of a mad woman. Should I seek professional counceling perhaps?

I do have a recurring idea that I think about a lot. Not only as a blog topic, but as a business idea - but it isn't exactly ethical so I'm a bit torn.

Background: I talk to people... It makes little difference to me if they are the receptionist, the CEO or the coffee machine service staff. To me they are human and if I see them during my day, I usually greet them and acknowledge the fact that I am aware of their presence.

The other week I was getting my coffee, greeted the coffee service guy nicely then went back to grinding my teeth while waiting for the machine to brew my poison. A co-worker came up to the machine next to mine and made small talk. He asked what project I was working on and I told him. Then he started dropping rumours regarding the project, asking me to confirm or deny. I just laughed and said I would never drop gory details as the spot we were in was not a very private one.
He looked around and says "what - there's noone here, what do you mean?"

I turned to the Coffee man, standing next to me and said "Wow, you must hear so much during a day!" He smiled and said "You'd be surprised. I am one of the invisible people here..."

The idea:
So guys, what do you think? Would I be sued if I hired a bunch of clever people, sent them off to service the coffee machines - and then used the information dropped casually in the company kitchens to competitors? :)


  1. Absolute genius dolly. If you don't set up your spy company, be sure turn it into a film or novel.

  2. Dolly, try your phone. It's what Tib and I do :) And as for the coffeespies? Could be a goer.

  3. I too create text messages on my phone to scribble down a thought, saving it to the drafts folder instead of actually sending it. (Kudos to Someone Living for first sharing this tip.) Often I go back and have NO idea what I was actually seeing/thinking/doing when I keyed in the three words in any given message, but other times I actually rememeber. :)