Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I love talking about movies. IMDB is my mecca. I don't have any specfic taste and will pretty much watch anything other than horror flicks like Saw mainly cause I'm chicken. In the past couple of weeks I have seen the following:

American Gangster
- Long but you wouldn't notice the time going by, can't go wrong with Denzel and Russell - great soundtrack. No idea why Ruby Dee got the best supporting actress nom here though, didn't make much of an impression on me.

Charlie Wilson's war - Philip Seymour Hoffman is a ledge in everything and this is no exception. I'm not a huge Hanks fan at the best of times but he gets my vote in this. It's a clever movie with lots of wry humour, thumbs up.

Jumper - I love sci-fi and superhero movies so this movie was right up my alley. Jumper is pretty middle of the road but grand if you like that sort of thing. Samuel is so pointless in it though, I can't believe he agreed to even appear, the character he plays is soooo boring and generic. I'm kind of over Samuel since he did Snakes on a plane. Hayden Christensen...well, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't swooning over him for the whole thing but acting wise he's pretty blah.

Nanny diaries (on dvd) - I'm a sucker for a good girlie flick. I read the book some time ago and thought this was a nice adaptation. I love Laura Linney who was great as always, strange cameo with Paul Giamatti as Mr.X. I love Paul, he is just one of an endless list of seemingly not that attractive men who I am strangely attracted too. Scarlett Johannson was a perfect annie,.

The Last Kiss (on dvd) - BORING, give me back the 100 minutes someone please. I rented this as I enjoyed Garden State and thought Zach Braff might be on to a few winners, I was mistaken. Also, someone give Rachel Bilson a sandwich, she should have stayed in the OC where she belonged. It does have Tom Wilkinson in it though, it's probably the only saving grace, he's on my list with Paul, I love a silver fox.

Any recommendations for upcoming movies? Oz is about a month behind Europe release date wise.

My friends went to see 10,000 BC last night and said it was truly terrible so my advice is to stay away.


  1. I'm addicted to the trivia section, some of the stuff you can learn from it is great for satisfying those of us who have an addiction to useless trivia.

    Tom Selleck was meant to take on the role of Indiana Jones, Back To The Future having to be filmed at night because Michael J. Fox wasn't given time off from Family can learn alot of shite on there.

  2. If Juno hasn't been released there yet you are in for a treat when it is!

  3. I missed a few outings to Juno over the last few weeks so I was very bold on Sun and watched it on my sister's laptop.

    Imdb has to be the oldest mainstream website still going. Imdb has been a verb for at least a 5 years longer than google. Speaking of, apparantly if you work for google you're not allowed use the name as a verb.

    I happened upon a forum in imdb on a channel 4 programme recently and it was great because a lot of insiders, actors, etc had commented there.

  4. A few friends told me "No Country For Old Men" is a really good---if graphically violent---film choice.

    Also on the list:

    * Juno
    * 310 to Yuma
    * Michael Clayton
    * The Last Mimzy
    * The Condemned
    * Beowulf
    * Valley of Angels

    In copious spare time.

  5. On that list I've seen

    Juno, Michael Clayton, The Last Mimzy and Beowulf. In fact I do a fabulous impression of Ray Winstone shouting ' I will kill your monstahhhhh'.

    MA, you are not bold, believe me. We watched Dan in real life and Run Fatboy Run on the laptop recently aswell...for some reason forgot to put them in my recently seen.

    Run Fatboy Run was okay, not worth going to the cinema though for me. Certainly not another Hot Fuzz/Shaun of the Dead from Pegg. Bring back Spaced!!

    I feel similar about Dan in real life, it's a dvd movie. I quite liked it though, especially the chemistry between Steve Carell and Juliette Binoche.

    I recently saw Breaking and Entering with Jude Law and Juliette in it aswell (have I told you I'm forgetful before??) - I really like Jude, a lot of people don't but putting all the media stuff aside he's a great actor.
    Oh, and Swoon.