Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I am hating firefox now!

well is the picture green or correct??? if its green read on if it looks correct ignore this rant, but I bet its green!

As anyone with any sort of cop on will verify firefox is better then internet explorer, internet explorer has always sucked ass.

But firefox has one major flaw that just aint good enough.....

Colour management.

If you are really interested in what I am talking about check this out or these examples here

I take pictures lots and lots of pictures and put them up on the web. I also take pictures badly 90 % of the time and so a bit of work is needed on them when I get home. I expect this work to be respected and so embed a colour profile to all images (the SRGB colour standard) which both macs and windows fully understands, the problem is that only one of the many many internet browsers actually applies these profiles when you look at images, and that is Safari from Apple, so tonight I am uninstalling firefox and advise others to do the same if you like looking at pictures on the web be it photoblogs or elseewhere. I cant believe the difference between the recent image I put up on IE, firefox and safari, safari is the only one that does what I wanted the image to look like.

Rant over for now


  1. Why did the purple cd cover I scanned the other night come up green? Very disturbing.

  2. its all to do with colour management Jo read that article it really has made me change my views on browsers and things.

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  4. It would appear they know about the bug and have come up with one possible fix for it in their next version. Haven't downloaded the alpha version to try it myself, tho.

  5. Firefox was a big step for me. Don't know if I can handle a new browser just yet.

  6. Shan, there's no point in joiingin in this debate, as I don't know what I'm talking about, but I use Explorer, don't notice the problems, and have never had green photos before. What's that about?

    Ithink I'm with Milan on new downloads at the moment - what would happen to Vista with Safari, it's be gone, wouldn't it?

  7. Just seeing the word Vista makes me cringe. My boyfriend is a serious IT nerd and completely fecked up my laptop last year by installing vista behind my back. XP is back now thank god but the old dell will never be the same.

  8. I'm using IE on Windows XP. The faces are green. It's not a Firefox issue, particularly.

  9. This I know Solo Mon, but I wrote this post just to show that firefox, which I have to say I love, does have a few flaws.

    Colour management is a pain in the hole for photographers, fashion labels and anything else based on colours, and the only browser I know shows a true representation of what a designer etc may have wanted is Safari. I know IE shows the image up as green but IE is so buggy I dont use it anymore, Firefox on the other hand is so much more stable, quicker to load pages and there are lots of handy extra developer features that I use constantly, but why colour profiling has been ignored for so long is beyond me.

    I am looking forward to been able to go back to firefox once V3 comes out Atreus but for now Safari is where I am going.