Friday, March 14, 2008

My weirdest spam ever

In this spam there was just a single link on one of the uses of 'Tokyo'. Bizarre.
I saw you penpal ad
I just arrived in Japan, Tokyo for my 1st time
I will work in Tokyo
I do not know well about Tokyo,Japan
Can you show me around?
Today is White da, what is meaning of white day?
Please bring me around Tokyo,when are you free to meet?


  1. What an amazing bit of spam that is. Tell him you will show him around if he can pay for the flight and put you up in a 5 star hotel.

  2. Seal the borders, we about to be invaded, it's a code from the Russians I tell ya

  3. That's gas. You're missing the 'send me your bank details' line.

  4. It might be white slave trade spam... they get you as a pen pal and it excalates from there...