Friday, March 14, 2008

You just can't Google... (Angela Shelton 1972-)

In airport departure lounge so have to be quick, have you ever gone through previous searches on Google at a public computer.

Try it, just type in A through Z, it's ....ed up. I remember getting a lend of a mate's computer in DCU once and couldn't look him in the face after seeing what he'd been Googling.

The one out here beside Gate C42 has some beauties.


  1. Or when you look up your own stats and find the terms people googled that brought them to your site....scary.

  2. the other one that always makes me laugh is looking at images like IMG_0001.jpg (canons image numbering system) or dsc_0001.jpg (nikons numbering) or DSCF0001.

    This shows just what images people like to take when they get a new camera.

  3. i tell ye I get really freaked about how not anonymous browsing is in general. I can't stalk in comfort anymore without thinking about how easy it is to identify me.

    I've never used those airport pcs.

  4. Do people Google rude stuff in the airport? Tib, that's a bit of a rude habit you've got there yourself - identifying your mates' perveersions...

  5. Jo you're being a bit harsh, I didn't set out to look at what people Googled. I'm talking about people who have computers set to autofill. I was looking for the Upsala Model and was greeted with previous searches for upskirt pictures of various celebs.