Thursday, March 20, 2008

One moment in time...

So there I was hurrying to meet someone for lunch, was at the end of a piece of scaffolding where there was a large lady in front of me facing left in the ATM queue, and right next to her a man wheeling a pram who just then decided to stop and check on the infant inside. There was no room for me to get round either of them because I was still underneath the enclosed scaffolding. I wasn't really thinking about what was happening and without much thought for decorum I squashed between them, giving a polite tap on the back of the man checking the pram, which accidentally turned out to be his backside, and could easily have been read as me groping him in passing while barging past the aul wan without apology. It was a strange moment.


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  2. I once groped one of Ireland's leading female newsreaders by accident.

    I was walking up a stairs gesticulating on the phone, she was coming down, we both rounded a corner with my right hand meeting her suple left breast.

    It was one of those proud/shameful moments.

  3. I love these two stories. I wish I had one. Has anyone else groped a stranger/ minor star?

  4. Tib - are you another notch on Anne Doyle's belt?

  5. Jo - I'm sure if you think back there must be a grope story in there somewhere.