Thursday, March 20, 2008

Instead of warning pregnant women not to drink...

...I think female alcoholics should be told not to fuck (George Carlin 1937-)

Anyone set foot anywhere near a supermarket or an off-licence today? It’s unreal the amount of gargle that people buy on the eve of Good Friday. There were some not far off welding shopping trollies together in order to maximise their capabilities of carrying booze.

Tomorrow is like the National Day Of The House Party by the looks of it. Surely The Lord as he sat around with his beatches on the night of The Last Supper was sitting there thinking "hurry up and wash those feet quick so Idiot, Milan, Tib, Ash, Jo, SL, Midget and countless others can get blathered when the boozers close in 2000 years time"


  1. I don't get blathered, every day is Good Friday to non-drinkers.
    But I see what you mean. It's like Christmas Eve and the amount of food we buy. You'd swear the shops were never gonna open again.

  2. I think it's hideous hypocrisy. To use a religious holiday as an excuse to drink manically. My husband used to work in an off license, and the panic was almighty.

    However, before I upset anyone without realising, I'll add a quick disclaimer and say I do quite like the idea of everyone staying in with mates and a jar across the country.

    I think we've come to far to think of it as subversive anymore htough, the way we did when we were younger.

    Not that it was for me, with my extemely secular upbringign.

  3. I did my shop for Sunday today, I am having some friends and their kids for dinner on Sunday!It was mad! I got some nice wine, tomorrow I am going to my lovely boyfriends for wine and chips and dips, and we will watch Firefly.....I'm loving it! So no mad night on the razzle!

  4. I'm off the a house party later but I'll be on the dry. At the end of the day i'm an alco-wuss. After Paddy's Day, it'll be a few weeks before I drink again.