Thursday, March 27, 2008

Why Shan is really considering changing his name

Being sued by a prominent Temple Bar restaurant.


  1. 14.95 is not bad for a Temple Bar early bird. I tell you something though, one time I went to i think Mexico to Rome and they had an early bird for around 18 euro - but it didn't include the vegetables or potatoes/rice - just the main dish, e.g. chicken. How scabby is that?

  2. You can do a three course early bird in Chakra by Jaipur in Greystones for €22, and it's food of the gods in a setting you only wish your home was as nice as.

    Lovely lamps, best bathroom ever.

  3. Shit the secret is out thanks SL, not only do I take pictures and dabble in all things sound, but yes I own an indian restaurant aswell. I aint offering any of you free meals though!!!

  4. Only Milan could take a comedy posting about Shan's name and turn it onto a serious discussion about early bird menus in Temple Bar. I miss her.