Thursday, March 27, 2008

Draw your own Conclusions

When my husband cleaned the coffee machine in work (or more likely supervised some poor Chinese person doing it), the lines had to be changed each time. If you tried to put the old, dirty ones back in the machine would tell you about your mistake and refuse to make any more coffee til the lines were replaced. Health and safety is very big on these things.

My mother in law's friend was visiting someone in the geriatric ward in our local hospital recently. While she was there, a line fell out of an elderly woman patient, possibly comatose, in the next bed. My MIL's friend called the nurse. The nurse came in, picked the tube up off the floor, and reinserted it.

This week, the friend was again visiting the ward. The other lady was gone. She asked about her, and it seems that she's in isolation - she's contracted MRSA.


  1. This is a truly great post Jo and illustrative of everything that's wrong with our country today.

  2. Bit scary isn't it. Don't like hospitals full stop.

  3. In fairness it wasn't my idea, I'm only passing the message on, unfortunately!

    It's cetainly indicative of what's wrong with our nurses.

    I think the buck stops with her on this one, whether she's overworked or not.

  4. apparently there is a march at the weekend in dublin against hospital management