Tuesday, April 08, 2008


I was reminded twice in the last week of Monica Seles. Her story was full of tragedy, never really recovering from the stabbing and it will always be a mystery, where her talent would have gone without the injury.

But back at the turn of the 90s I loved her. She was the coolest woman ever and I wanted to be her and felt a bit of a lower person in comparison. Of all the positive emotions - be it love, attraction, like - the one that comes to me least is admiration and so I find it a bit fascinating when I do admire someone. I remember the first time I ever bought Hello magazine was because it had a cover feature on Monica Seles, with her stepping out of a car, hiding behind shades and dark hair, in the aftermath of the stabbing. She looked mysterious, fabulous and worthy of worship. It's been years since I came across her but even now when I look at the images of her from years ago I think there's something amazing about her, but I can't quite put my finger on what that is.

Apologies for the crap cheesy interview, but it's about the best youtube had to offer.

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  1. I often thought about her in the aftermath, about what could have been had she not been attacked by that head when she was on court. Shows just how lax security was in the pre 9/11 era.